A Unicode-driven Roguelike MMORPG

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The ASCII Project - 0.0.1e

IRC = ##asciimmo

Yamamushi -

The overall aim of "The ASCII Project" is to develop a Unicode graphics based "Roguelike" MMORPG engine which operates a persistent world driven by a player-run economy.


1.) run ./

2.) run ./ {client|server} depending on which one you want to build

3.) run ./ {client|server} depending on which one you want to run

Optional) Run ./ to clean the build and return back to step 1 Otherwise you can just re-run the build script if you're making Source code changes.



Almost finished with saving and loading maps to disk, which is necessary for some of the world "sculpting" things I am going to try.


We've moved on up to 0.0.1, as I'm now about to pull in major revisions from bits of code I've been experimenting with lately. This code does compile, but I intend on getting back into a code frenzy, so don't tie yourself to anything yet.



Copyright (c) 2012 Jonathan Rumion Source code is available from: